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Rs. 3,200/-

SpecificationBrand/kemeiModel:DWM-10Battery capcity:1200 mAhColor: GoldenMetal MaterialLoud speaker:3W x 2 (40MM. 4ohm)Frequency:200Hz ~ 10KHzWireless MicPortable..

SpecificationBrand/Audionic Model: MH-101Output Sensitivity    500-700 MVFrequency    Works on 261.8 MhzVoltage    DC 5-8V voltageMICROPHONE: HD Sound Quality    For all sorts of large or small gatherings.Output Sensitivity    170MV output sensitivity to provide ample range...

Rs. 2,000/-

SpecificationBrand/AudionicModel:Mehfil MH-201 Echo:Now perform karaoke with echo sound to make the voice quality much better.BluetoothIt offers user Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth enable device.USB supportedUser can use USB drive to directly play anything.Rechargeable BatteryIt has rechargeable battery which last for 4-5 hours.Output Powe..

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