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As the saying goes, "A dirty car is a dirty shame." Cars are a huge investment made to make your life easier, don't take it for granted by keeping it as a trash can. Vacuuming your cars is one of the least things you can do for a machine that tolerates every bit of roughness you throw at it. Clean cars reflect your personality and welcome the seaters profoundly. has a wide range of compact portable car vacuum cleaners that are easy to use and easy to carry. Choose your vacuum cleaner from the variety of products that we have in stock. Remember, a clean fresh smelling car is what keeps your drive stress-free and impresses everyone that sits in it, IYKWIM. ;)

If you do end up choosing a vacuum cleaner for your car, don't forget to go through our scents and stuff category to check the best car scents and accessories available in town. 

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Rs. 11,300/-

Rechargeable, Portable, Handheld, Mini Cordless, Auto Vacuum CleanerThis product ships from overseas, it may take 30 to 35 days to deliver...

Specifications: A lightweight and cordless hand vac for a quick clean up of any surface around your home• Extendable slim nozzle and a flip up brush to tackle delicate or awkward surfaces, whether it's a lamp • shade,         venetian blinds or between sofa cushions• Boost mode will allow you to pick up even larger or ..

Specification;Brand/Black & DeckerModel:PAV1200AV The side empty door is an easy to empty system which means all the dirt goes straight in the bin - hands don't touch the dirt5 metre cable allows you to reach all areas of your car including the bootFilter cleaning wheel for easy and hands free cleaning of the filterThe cable can be easily ..

The WD 5 Premium is an extremely powerful and efficient multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with a 25-liter stainless steel container, a flat pleated filter in a removable filter box, filter cleaning, etc...

Voltage:20VVacuity: ≥8.0KPaDust capacity:20LSuction hose diameter: 32 mmSuction hose length: 1.5 mTank: stainless steel tankWith 1pcs flexible hoseWith 1pcs floor brushWith 3pcs plastic tubeWith 1pcs paper bagWith 1pcs crevice nozzleWith 1pcs HEPA filterBattery and charger not includedPacked by color box..

Voltage:20VDust Capacity:0.7LVacuum Pressure: High:≥7.0KPaNormal:≥5.0KPaStainless steel filter netWith 1pcs flexible hoseWith 1pcs floor brushWith 2pcs plastic tubeWith 1pcs crevice nozzleWith 1pcs dust brushBattery and charger not includedPacked by color box..

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