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If you want the exterior of a car to look cool, you can apply Wraps on that car. To get those 3M Wraps and Adhesives visit our site eshoppers.pk. Because we have got a long list of 3M wraps and adhesives in our inventory of car products. To the people who don’t want to get their car painted this is a great option. As getting your car painted takes a lot of time on the other hand you can apply car wraps within minutes. Your car will look cooler as soon as you apply our car wraps. We are offering a range of 3M wraps which you can apply on your car with different adhesives. These adhesives/glues are also available in our long list of Car Adhesive products.

To make your car look nicer than it already does you can get various kinds of CAR WRAPS such as Vinyl Wraps, Metallic Wraps, Glossy Wraps, Pakistani Flag Wraps, Skull Wraps, Reflective Luminous Tapes, Snake Black Skin Tapes, Carbon fiber 3D & 4D Tapes, Panoramic Super Glossy Wraps, Double-sided Tapes, Matte Shine Wraps, Japanese Silicone Tapes, Glossy Sunroof Stickers, Ultra Glossy 5D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wraps, Pearl White Wraps, Heat Wraps for Engines, Transparent Yellow Tapes, and many other products that will soon be added to the list. You can choose different types of 3M vinyl wraps and apply them on your car to give it a new and innovative style.

Applying the wraps is easy, anyone can do it. So try to put these awesome looking wraps on your car and you can order them from our site at any time. You may start from this very moment. You will not be disappointed by our products’ quality. As they are the best 3M Wraps and Adhesives available. Keep visiting this website eshoppers.pk to purchase car goods and accessories on affordable prices. 

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Rs. 35,200/-

Product DescriptionPermanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesiveStretchable with heatConform to contours and bend easilyHigh temperature & water-resistantCan be cleaned with soap and waterProduct SpecificationItem Width: 1.52 mItem Length: 20 mMaterial Type: PVCItem Diameter: 0.016 cmSelf Adhesive: YesGlue Type: Pressure Sensitive AdhesiveAir F..

Rs. 32,000/-

Car wraps are a fairly new customization technique for vehicles where sheets of vinyl are applied to the painted surfaces of the car. In the past, it was used primarily for commercial vehicles as a way to advertise the company's logo and services. Today, however, car wrapping is used in a variety of situations and has become increasingly popular in..

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